SUMMER 2013 STYLE FINDINGS: Fashion, converted containers and even the Acapulco chair taking over town.

27 Jun

Pretty chick findings: places, people, pretty things.



My NYC Summer Findings, 2013.

Is NYC, London, Tokyo, Milan’s fashion for the world? … Or is it not? Apparently the concept of fashion is becoming more universal and becomes that which one adopts and adapts:  that which is taken from here and there, pieces of one place or another, of a person, a time and are mixed, with the freedom that characterizes this times, with details of the other many moments and elements.paloma-png_160015 risin style stars shine yahoo com

The tone that mark the catwalks of the most important cities has changed, is more alive and wearable. It goes according to the temperaments of our generation and personal tastes vs. the ones of the masses. Increasingly we see that even the styles “broken” or apparently “neglected” have little accident, even the smallest detail is considered and is identified with the current image.

What does not change this season…

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ONCE AGAIN: Over 18,000 USD worth on honeymoon giveaways’ getaways by Mexico.

25 Jun

RT @prettychickfind: PHOTO OF THE DAY:

6 Jun

RT @prettychickfind: PHOTO OF THE DAY: “I met a lot of people in Europe, I even… ” ^CL

Wedding Tips for Marrying a German: 5 Things to Know Before ‘Die Hochzeit’

21 May

Wedding Tips for Marrying a German: 5 Things to Know Before 'Die Hochzeit'.


16 May

Preparing for a beach destination wedding

I woke up this morning truly excited, since in one month to be exact an adorable friend of mine will be tying the knot in the exotic Playa del Carmen, Mexico, with the actual wedding taking place at Xcaret! Finally I’ll get to be a guest at this venue […]

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The journey into yourself…

24 Apr

The journey into yourself….

GETTING LUCKY IN IXTAPA-ZIHUATANEJO: Twice the joy in endless beaches

18 Apr

GETTING LUCKY IN IXTAPA-ZIHUATANEJO: Twice the joy in endless beaches.

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