Dough lover. Dog walker?…

8 Feb

I meant dog lover of course. during the past week I visited Madison Sq. Park and ended up on my favorite -bring me out of the blue- spot, that is the dog park found there, and then you add Shake Shack to it, kaboom/voila/listo! You’re back in heaven right?

Well the story goes, that I went ot the dog park to my fav’ spot with no dong, since I don’t actually own one -still- but praying my guides and angles to provide me with one, and a second man to help me out care for it along while I’m out or it’s to freezing cold for a little tropical blooded Mexican like me. While there not only I saw some new dogs/new owners that I hadn’t seen before and I was vey excited, for among all the many entities found there, I saw (drums here please!) who could be “The One”… sitting next to me on a cold winter day in NYC.

His name: Vizsla, originally Hungarian I think, and so good looking, tall, lean, elegant, attentive to detail, and as far as his owner is concerned: “although an adult, childlike inside”. Isn’t that adorable?… Ok, there I think I found the dog of my dreams, yeap right after the always lovable Labrador, i thought I could love no more, and there we were love at first sight. On the web, it’s mentioned that “The Hungarian Vizsla dog breed is thought to date back to the middle ages when falconry enthusiasts had first described them”, and yes his owner confirmed he’s a hunter, and me loving the outdoors, sincerely think we would manage to make an absolute good couple. Not to mention the Wikipedia say “Vizslas are very high energy, gentle-mannered, loyal, caring, and highly affectionate”, does it really gets better than that?

The point of this all was, not only I was there stunned to possibly finding my “BDF”, the dog of my dreams but also happened to run into a lovely young lady who was sweet and kind enough to respond to some of my enquiries on teh breeds of the 3 different dogs she was looking after then. I tought she just had a variety of tastes on dogs, it turned out she was a “Dog Walker”, and that’ s EXACTLY what I needed to know right after finding my new love. It turns out that she in particular, works on the west side and Madison Sq. Park on 23rd. is as far as she would go, so bummer, not her walling my dog, however we talked about how much her services were and she mentioned about 25-30 USD for a 30 minutes’ walk, that is per dog of course… What? the biz women in my started doing the math while still caressing the adorable giant animal that is the ladradoodle, and there you go, a consideration to it is larger dogs need at least an hour, so the rate goes up, and then considering she can take up to 3 dogs at once, hey, I was about to ask here to second her in the business and manage the East Side portion of it. Seriously, what a good business it is! That saying you don’t care about cleaning dogs poops, running after some overly enthusiastic studs,  and well cannot think of that many other cons, except for the weather conditions stuff, which in money talk, could only mean yes-yes-yes more dough on the table.

So let’s say bad day, she has a clientele base, and decides to ‘walk’ dog for 4 hours that day, and you have all sizes of dogs, an average of 35 USD, times 3 dogs, that is 105 USD per – half hours’ walks-  and you do 4 of these, maybe actually taking even the full hour considering time to go up and down the apartments to pick them up and getting them in, anyways, that is 420 USD, cash please, times 5 days a week 2,100 USD, times 4, you get the idea… didn’t asked her about extra hours, or tax status, but that to me look like hell of a fun thing to do, not to mention the fact that you probably wouldn’t need to hit the gym ever and spare a 180 USD a month for a fancy subscription. Also, who wouldn’t use a good stretch after working as slaves in a NYC midtown office?

That’s it for now, some would call it city non-sense, but honestly I think I just found out an amazing career venture in case I ever got tired of life as I know it. Wouldn’t you give it a try? Or let me know, maybe it’s time to start building my clientele database and have some new friends for my -soon to be- new dog Bruno, walk together.

***This is an image of the handsome Vizsla.

For those dog lovers, let me share with you a couple of sites I ran across while looking into my future dog quest:

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  1. Robert London February 9, 2012 at 12:41 AM #

    Great dogs, but high energy is an understatement

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