Weddings in Mexico | VisitMexico

19 Sep

Weddings in Mexico | VisitMexico.

I’d like to say I’m celebrating, although I’m not sure if i should. On the one hand we have finally a “proper” Mexico Website, so much “friendlier” and aesthetically attractive than before, with more direct and common language to all special interest travelers out here, this time particularly the romance one… Mhmhm, is it just me or is this new site really missing some more HEART into in? would love your feedback.

Anyways, today I’m happy, a great progress has been to see the evolution of a social network use and online site as an aid to promote our beautiful country that is Mexico. Tomorrow I’ll probably talk to someone and let them know, for me when it comes to Romance and Wedding is quite ofter the number one, and well, the site still doesn’t call LOVE to me, again is it just me, am i to picky? what is it about having the looks, but not having the flair? Can I be “half/happy” on the meantime? or waiit a minute what are we talking bout here? oh yes, the new MEXICO TOURISM BOARD – AKA: VISIT MEXICO website. Yes, it doest have all this new fancy ‘relationship’ buttons, you know?; the share, tweet, post, blog, etc. where any of our content can be related to some or any of your social life happening, and that’s just makes me smile, again today that should work.


Happy Monday to you all, check it out please and let us know what you think about it if you may:


Mexico, always suprising & always romantic.



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