The Sit Down: Love Mexico Edition – Carmen Laborin

9 Sep

This is an interview made in preparation for last year’s Love Mexico event which proudly has already 200 attendees registered for 2011 edition -historic registration high-  and considering there’s only a few that separate us from this great event, thought I should share with you some of the ideas of back then.

The Sit Down: Love Mexico Edition – Carmen Laborin

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Elevation Nation! Let the blitz begin!!!!

As part of my contribution to the Love Mexico event. Here is the first of several interviews of people that you will meet, greet, and network with at Love Mexico’s  from September 30 to October 2, at the fabulous Barcelo Rivera Maya, in where else? Riviera Maya, Mexico! This is the first time I will be traveling to Mexico. So I am trying to get as much information on this awesome event.

One person you will definitely want to meet at Love Mexico is Carmen Laborin, Destination Wedding Specialist for the Mexico Board of Tourism.

She will be an invaluable resource to all of the attendees coming to Love Mexico. There is so much to learn. So you know I had to ask…

What does the Mexico Board of Tourism do to keep new tourists coming consistently?

For both the Mexico Tourism Board and myself, traveling to/from the United States is a frequent activity and necessary to promote the many attractions there are in Mexico to be discovered by travelers interested in Mexico, but do not know necessary about all the wonders there are yet to be discovered. Mexico is a country of paradisiacal beaches yes, but also loads of history, culture and traditions learned through its hundreds of colonial towns, haciendas, and aged yet modern cities. Basically integrate and facilitate information to broadcast Mexico’s treasured destinations to the world.

What is it about Mexico that continues to be such a great tourist attraction to this day?

Mexico has it all; mountains, forest, sea, desert, jungle… not to mention world class infrastructure, top service providers, easiness of accessibility, plenty of cultural and recreational activities, and renown service oriented hospitable people to welcome al our tourist friends, To keep them coming, we share the news for in Mexico there’s always something going on, with such a wide array of traditions, the happy spirit of its inhabitants plus the many places yet to be known, who wouldn’t want experience it or come back to a place you can feel at home and yet be amazed over and over?! Anytime is a good time to visit Mexico.

How have Love Mexico influenced the Tourism Board?

I would say they have both influenced each other, it’s a common goal the one they have, and it is to promote Mexico and broadcast the lovely places, educate about the professionalism of the talented and creative service providers in this case in particular related to Romance and Weddings’ groups and work towards inviting the foreigners to come to Mexico and spend the most memorable time  of their lives in our country, one of the most beautiful of the world. The benefit has also been mutual, we work hand in hand, Love Mexico working restless to organize the perfect platform to present the many options and destinations of our country that the Mexico Tourism Board promotes for the different styles of travelers on a daily basis.

What are you most looking forward to for the Love Mexico event?

Meeting one in one with top US wedding planner and travel agents to share experiences, hear and learn about their needs, successful past events and what they are looking forward to working with a destination wedding couple

What do you expect or would like participants to get from this experience?

Experiences and more experiences. We hope they understand the many options there are in Mexico to work with and can help them improve their business, we want them to take back with them lessons to share, stories to cherish, new friendships and business connections. For non-Mexico residents, specifically wedding/event/travel providers in the U.S., what would the Tourism Board like to gain from this experience. Connections, friendship, business opportunities and experiences so we can learn and be more and more successful in the future performing of our duties.

What are your personal recommendations for anyone traveling to Mexico for the first time?

Be open and receptive, embrace culture and traditions, be respectful of people that serve you, live the pleasure of freedom, joy and art. Allow yourself to sing and dance and be seduced. (Also, be careful –travel wise- as you would be anywhere in the US) What places are a must-see? So many places, so little time, however check out:

What are the plans and upcoming events in the remainder of 2010/early 2011 that we should be aware of or you would like to promote?

More than  upcoming events, we would like to invite to travelers to check out some super trendy and exciting Mexican wedding destinations we are interested in promoting such as San Miguel Allende, Merida, Oaxaca, Puebla, Morelia and Cuernavaca.

Well there you have it! Love Mexico attendees: be sure to introduce yourselves to Carmen at the event! We’re about a week away.

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